Management Team

We have a specialized team of technical consultants and structural engineers with a combined experience spanning over 25 years in the demolition and salvaging industry.

When you come to us whether as a buyer or as a seller you can rest assured that you are with experienced industry loyalists who are always current with the latest industry best practices. Also the experience and expertise of our top management ensures that you achieve both efficiency and effectiveness whether it is your trash or your cash.

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Banji Adeniyi

Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer

Banji is the pioneer managing director of our firm. He is a chartered accountant and a professional member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria. He is an alumni of Babcock University. Banji has over 9 years experience in the banking sector spanning across various strategic business units including: private banking/HNI, corporate finance and commercial banking. After 10 years of his banking sojourn, he established Collect-a-Can Nigeria so as to imbibe the recycling culture in Nigerians and also expose the various benefits of recycling especially as an employment generation tool and promoting a green environment . Banji oversees the day to day functioning of the company

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Damola Adeniyi

Deputy Managing Director

Damola Adeniyi is the Deputy Managing Director of our firm. He is a consultant with a masters degree in IT and Telecommunications from Newcastle University United Kingdom. He is an alumni of University of Lagos. Damola has over 12 years experience working as a business consultant with various small to enterprise size clients all over the world. Damola oversees the Collect-a-Can partner programme exploring partnership opportunities on a global scale.

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Olanrewaju Bakare

Head, Logistics and Business Development

Olanrewaju Bakare joined the company in November 2015. He has more than 15 years of global experience in the Metal Recycling and Steel industries. Olanrewaju holds an HND in supply chain management from the Kwara Polytechnic, Offa.